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The little things, can be the big things…

Summer may be already starting to feel like a distant memory, and the excitement of digging out the comfy jumpers may be setting in, but that doesn’t mean the health kick you’ve been on for the last few months has to stop there.

We’ve been looking at what simple changes we can make to help keep us in shape throughout the rest of the year…

Low fat can often mean higher sugar content

Swapping low fat yoghurt for greek is not only healthier, but also has double the protein and half the carbs. Bonus! Pour it over your healthy breakfast, add some berries, and away you go.

Ditch the bread!

When watching your weight, often the first thing we’re told to drop is the white carbs, and bread is often the first to go. But, if like us, you enjoy a good slab of toast with your smashed avocado, then be sure to opt for sourdough. Without boring you with the details, sourdough contains acids which slow the rate of glucose into the blood stream, meaning less undesirable spikes in insulin. It’s also the object of craft and beauty, and the lengthy process also gives a much superior taste. It really is the only bread for us in the mornings. (Read more…)


Swap the coffee…

If ordering your morning coffee is as much a part of your daily routine as it is getting dressed, then next time you place your order, swap the latte for an americano. A latte can have between 200 and 300 calories, depending on the milk and sugar, whereas an americano can have as few as 8! A splash of milk won’t harm, and you’ll really get to taste the coffee you’re drinking. Union Hand-Roasted if you didn’t know.


Got that 4pm lull?

We all know the feeling. 5:30pm is in sight, the hunger’s setting in and you need that last push to get you through the day. Don’t reach for a biscuit, instead keep a dark chocolate slab in your bag. A good quality, dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa is often lower in sugar in comparison to a biscuit, oakcake or flapjack. It’s also good for your skin, reduces cholesterol and makes you feel better. Or that’s at least what the guys at The Telegraph say.

Fresh is best!

Surprisingly, fruit isn’t as good for you as it may first seem, and many of our favourites contain natural sugars, which should be taken in moderation. Blueberries are packed full of powerful nutrients and antioxidants, but make sure to eat them fresh! Dried fruit is often seen as healthy, although the drying process results in high concentrated sugar, so next time pack a handful of fresh for your mid-morning snack.


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